How to Fix Write SDcard on CM13

How to Fix Write SDcard on CM13 (credit )
F ix is made ​​for CM 13 basically can not write to SDcard meaning can not delete / insert files to SDcard . As protectable, with F ix this then will be allowed to write / write / copy / insert files to SDcard . Indeed, with F ile M anager default can write to SDcard but with the app 's side to 3 and will be difficult . So the function F ix is to eliminate the restrictions.

F ix enable write to SDcard CM13
1. Fix v4.1
2. Restore Fix

Download all the ingredients
of her at the top.
Just be
with TWRP 3.0 + (under this version can not)
Who do not have TWRP be here

How to install
F lash via TWRP 3.0 + (Do With Your Own Risk)
1. Sign TWRP .
2. Without wipe .
3. Install F ix her .
4. Reboot .

ile R estore flashed if it fails when the flash above. Or in other words file in the return to conditions of normal / original. ROMs that have been tested C
M 13 kumajaya, C M 13 emfox , CM13 RR , CM13 BrokenOS , CM 13 Vanir , HTC R Emix v3 , CM 13 DU (Dirty Unicorn) , C M 13 CrDroid , CM13 TESLA.

Especially for ROM below do not need to use the Fix it, because by default it is able Write to SDCard.
1. CM13 Temasek
2. CM13 OrionOS
How can I check the Fix has been a success or not?
1. Try to delete the file / folder in SDCard using the File M anger third party  
    ( X plore, FX E Xplorer, R oot E xploler, etc.). Do not use the File M 's a ger of default
    R OM , if no warning er r or / files can be deleted means have been successful. 
2. Try set t ing storage at U C B rowser to SDcard if it could mean success .
3. Please check the name SDcard d i File Man a ger default ROM if it turns into
    / sdcard1 means success .
4. If the default name in the File Manager SDcard not sdcard1 , eg other names / letter
    mixed , symbol strange, please rename SDCARD with PC becomes sdcard1 . (do not
    other name)

What about the use OTG , OTG illegible in the File Manager?
Legible, their on / mnt / media_rw / OTG name.

When pairs OTG / Sd card , why external storage F orce C lose?
I go there because biasannya name OTG / SD cardnya no spaces. S olusinya rename first name OTG / SDcard on PC . S atu word s wrote , do not pack ai spaces , rename it sdcard1.