How to Fix Problems on CM13 (Part 3)

How to Fix Problems on CM13 (part 3) (credit )
Problems 15: OTG T idak T erbaca
Ensure that had emerged USB icon in the status bar, and then if you want to open OTG via F ile M anager or X plorer another, into the path / mnt / media_rw / ...

Problems 16 : Flash F ile in adoptable Storage
If you want SDCARD turned Internal , m asuk k 's files to / data / media / 0 and move all the files to be in flash k e in the folder, will TWRP will read these files with ease .  
Problems 17 : BusyBox Modded
Download ( l engkap with OTA Survival script , so no need to update the current BusyBox flash ROM the same)
Problems 18 : Tutor ial CM D ownloader (CMD)
1. Min imal space internally empty 1.5 GB.
2. Turn off the A daptive LMK in K Ernel A diutor (kernel adiutor -> low memory killer - >   
    turn off A daptive LMK) to avoid e r ror apply the update for the app CMD 
    the process to kill by A daptive LMK .
3. C lear recent app aga r RAM rather loosely .
4. Ready the zip full ROM B uild that are in use in the internal CM_Downloader folder .

1. Open the app CM D ownloader , press the Sync icon P anah B erputar if requested , z ip 
    ROM her choose zip B uild being in use for processing CM D ownloader
    m e njadi zip uncompressed, once completed will be notif IKASI for m e ngh a pussy zip
    long, select yes.
2. If no notif IKASI request full zip ROM B uild this time then a right straight
    appears D elta U pdate . (update with a smaller size)
3. Live update / download D elta U pdate if available. Never k e outside of the app
    CMD when the download process or apply the update.
4. When finished , can be flashed l a ngsung d a r i CM D ownloader or manually via TWRP .

In the folder CM D ownloader internally there will be two files, namely B uild new and old. Please remove B uild long ( so relieved spacenya) t a p i j a ngn h a p u s B uild new k a r e n a will be used as a base the next update.
Problems 19 : Tutorial Xinternal
Useful for me r change the default storage that were previously in internal default to the external. It could be to move the application data, game data, obb games that are on automatic so that internal ter store in external memory. And apply only to applications that are installed next (after Xinternal attached). Not previously installed applications. If for applications that are already installed in the hope to move the data it is manual. The transfer of the manual please copy Android folder in the internal to external. Long process depending on how much data is transferred .

1. Install Fix Write CM13 .
2. If F ix W rite already installed , check to default CM File Manager , see the name
    SD card. If nam a its not sdcard1 please rename first use PC / card
    reader or anything that can change into sdcard1.
3. Open xposed, download module Xinternal from the Download menu in the X posed .
4. Place the module Xinternal and set t ing like this :
* Custom path - check .
* Path to internal - / storage / sdcard1
* Enable for all apps - check .
* I nclude System apps - check .
* Full access - unchecked .
5. Turn modulenya then reboot. Done.
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