How to Fix Problems on CM13 (Part 2)

How to Fix Problems on CM13 (part 2) (credit )
Problems 8: Giving Permission
Log in to S etting - > A pps - > K lik icon G ears - > A pps P ermission - > Give permissions to all existing items. (To display A pp S ystem y an g is not visible, click the icon T ducks T ribs in the upper right corner in t ach last item , then select S how S ystem)

Problems 9 : Setting Custom Kernel
B erlaku almost in all Custom Kernel, so stay adapted to se t -interest on the App K Ernel Adiutor. (In the download of setting berserk in the original thread)

To Balance (balanced) :
CPU F requency: - 200MHz to 1.2GHz
GPU F requency: - 100MHz to 310MHz
CPU G overnor: - I mpulse / I nteractive
Hotplug: - Z en D ecision
TCP: - Westwood
Vibration I ntensity: - 50%
KSM: - E nabled

To Performa nce & Gaming:
CPU frequency: - 400MHz to 1.4GHz
GPU frequency: - 100MHz to 465MHz

When this setting is lacking, could try to mix themselves in order to be satisfied.  ( B eda u ser b eda s elera, because therein Custom Kernel used )
Problems 10 : Log Recovery / TWRP
S emua type C ustom ROM like CM 11 / CM 12 / CM 13 by pressing:
Problems 11 : Fix Failed Screenshot
Delete or rename a folder P ictures on the internal memory.
Problems 12 : Setting Thermal & M in CPU F req 200MHz
Download (OTA include S urvival)
Serves to enable min CPU F req 200 + A utolock CPU F req to 800 when the CPU H eat up to 60 ° C . (Special S tock K Ernel, C ustom K Ernel unnecessary)
Problems 13 : M ain game with OBB at SDC ard
2. xposed  (Problems 2)  + Module OBB on SD 

Tutor ial :
1. Flash Fix Write Sdcard, tide X posed and modulenya . (Do not forget enabled)
2. Open OBB on S D , setting location S d card . (/ Storage / sdcard1)
3. P heed Data OBB game to sdcard1 / android / obb
4. Run the application games to be played.

If you are still not able to walk, please ask the FB group.
Problems 14 : Battery H istory W ifi M uncul Though T idak D igunakan?
This is b ig Wifi which is always lit in the battery history . To fix this:
Go to Settings - > Location - > O psi - > Scanning - > On the all option then O ff right again. Back to the Settings - > Battery - > O psi - > C lean H istory.
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